Apartment Renovation | Anaktora - Athens

Located in a neighborhood where the National Garden is the most prominent urban feature and in an apartment building where the memory of postwar architecture of the 1950’s is evidently still there, this 3rd floor apartment was gutted and remodeled anew to accommodate a contemporary family.  The architectural approach for this renovation project doesn’t start as a blank slate. It is referential to the work of the architect who originally designed this apartment building, the well-known Emmanuel Vourekas and the aim is to translate and transfer his architecture in the renewed apartment interior.

The outline of this property is characteristically long. Upon entering the vestibule, one is directed on the one side towards the living quarters through a new curved-edge brass-covered large opening and on the other side towards the private bedrooms through an opening door. The three main living spaces remain on plan as they pre-existed and the kitchen is moved to the former dining area. The solid-wood sliding doors that used to separate these three main rooms are now replaced with brass-framed ribbed glass sliding ones that allow for the light to trespass and for a sense of obscured visibility. The rest of the plan is completely remodeled to encompass three new bedrooms with ensuite shower rooms, an additional auxiliary bedroom, a laundry and linen walk-in closet, a mechanical room and a guest WC. Electromechanically, the apartment is upgraded by the installation of a new underfloor heating system, built-in heating and cooling air-conditioning system, ceiling built- in concealed audio system and an automation system to manage all household functions.

The prevailing materials of the renovated interior are the materials noticed in the architecture of the building entrance and communal areas: marble, oak wood, glass, brushed brass. Throughout the interior, the new herringbone oak floor replicates the pre-existing floor and the interior oak doors copy the design of the apartment entrance doors originally designed by Vourekas. All the interior wall surfaces are insulated and reinforced, under the new classicized curved crown molding, to include a concealed system for hanging art work throughout the apartment walls. Built-in furniture is custom designed and made by oak solid wood or veneer for every niche of the new interior spaces, same as the kitchen built-in furniture, featuring also a volcanic basalt stone counter top. Shower surfaces and custom designed wash room sinks exhibit a rare Calacatta marble with gold and grey veins, brushed brass taps and handmade wall lamps.

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Project Title: Anaktora Neighborhood Apartment Renovation
Location: Anaktora Neighborhood, National Garden, Athens, Greece
Architecture & Design: Anastasia G. Filippeou
Mechanical Engineering Design: SKV Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Lighting Design: Foss S.A.
Construction & General Project Management: Urban Systems
Surface Area: Interiors 205 sq.m.
Project Completion Year: 2023
Photography: Yiorgis Yerolymbos