Apollonio Private Residence Renovation | Porto Rafti, Attica

This private residence unit forms part of the Apollonio residential settlement designed, starting in 1969, by renowned Greek modernist architect Constantinos Doxiadis. With a surface area of about 500 sq.m. on three floors, exterior courtyards and terraces and a private pool, it consists of one of the largest units of the settlement. The residence sits directly by the sea, south facing the eastern Attica coastline and provides compelling sea views.

Now characterized as a place of historic importance, it is a prerequisite to preserve the architectural composition and materials of the units’ facades. Hence, while the interior was stripped to its core and fully renovated to accommodate a contemporary family as a weekend getaway home, the facades were refurbished solely to elaborate on Doxiadis’ vision and use of materials. Exposed concrete, local stone and the pristine white facade surfaces were only restored, while anodized aluminium window frames were replaced according to the original facade design.

This aesthetic and unswerving choice of materials informed the renovation of the interior spaces and exterior courtyards too: floors are fair-faced concrete or mortar cement, as are all bathroom surfaces, walls are all pristine white and the introduction of a variety of natural oak interior surfaces and built-in structures is intended to bring a sense of warmth to an otherwise crisp environment. The new layout only aims to provide larger private rooms on the first floor and open-space main indoor and outdoor living areas at ground floor, in order to magnify the impact of the views and the entering natural light or breeze throughout the house.

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Project Title: Apollonio Settlement Private Residence Renovation
Location: Porto Rafti, Attica, Greece
Architecture: Anastasia G. Filippeou
Mechanical Engineering Design: Dektis Consultant Engineers Ltd.
Lighting Design: Foss S.A.
Construction & General Project Management: AP ERGONplus  P.C.
Surface Area: Interiors 500sq.m.
Site Surface Area: 380sq.m.
Project Completion Year: 2022
Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis