CVC Athens Headquarters | Maroussi - Athens

The floor plan is split symmetrically into two sections, using as an axis of symmetry the existing main entrance to the space. Along that axis of symmetry, a longitudinal reception hall is formed, which becomes the core of the floor plan. From that core, the mirrored layout of separate rooms is organized. Access to a series of independent office spaces, meeting rooms and service areas is provided through openings along that hall in a hierarchical manner, where uses are allocated according to specific requirements with respect to privacy, proximity and disclosure.

Coordinated and mirrored along the main reception hall, all full-height openings facilitate accessibility between spaces and architecturally create the juxtaposition of vertical plain white wall and mat black lacquered surfaces. With the doors all opened, the reception hall can be transformed into a naturally lit space, with views to the exterior, fully integrated with the otherwise separate offices and meeting rooms.

The interior architecture is mainly characterized by the simplicity of a black and white color palette, while the continuous mat natural oak floor surface also becomes a prominent element bestowing the whole space with a sense of warmth. All integrated architectural elements, from lighting fixtures to in built furniture and equipment are intentionally simple, linear and geometric in design. The aim is for the interior to exude a sense of simplicity, cleanness and harmony, devoid of any unnecessary visual detail.

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Project Title: Renovation of Office Space in Maroussi
Location: Maroussi, Athens, Greece
Architecture: Anastasia G. Filippeou
Mechanical Engineering Design: Ioannis Ladopoulos – Dektis Consultant Engineers SA
Lighting Design: LUUN Architectural Lighting
Construction & General Project Management: ETAKAT
Surface Area: Interiors 230sq.m.
Project Completion Year: 2021
Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis