The Opticians Store Design | Syntagma - Athens

Inspired by the logo geometry and its perpetual replication to create laser cut panels covering all wall surfaces, the store interior is bestowed with a distinctively graphic aesthetic. Aluminum back lit laser cut panels highlight the visual sense of perforation and layering and provide concealed point supports within their openings onto which the glass frames are exhibited. The space is also distinctively bright white creating a clean backdrop for the exhibition of the products on display and contradicting the wooden surfaces of the bespoke counters and the staircase leading to the upper floor.

The existing longitudinal plan of the space is highlighted by the centerpiece wooden counter and the linear hanging lights demonstrating the store’s axis of symmetry. On either side everything seems to have been somewhat mirrored. And the overall space configuration encourages the clients to navigate throughout the premises and all around the center counter. The absence of a designated window display space is intentional, allowing for the store interior to be fully observed even from an outside glimpse. Upstairs, the optometric examination area comprising of a waiting room and an examination room that are separated by a sliding opaque glass panel, follow the design rules of the ground floor store area.

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Project Title: The Opticians Store Design – Syntagma – Athens
Location: Syntagma, Athens, Greece
Architecture & Design: Anastasia G. Filippeou
Construction & General Project Management: 3NK Engineers
Surface Area: 95 sq.m.
Project Completion Year: 2014
Photography: Pantelis Zervos